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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


  • What is a CCV number? The 3-digit security number on the back of your credit card. You will be required to provide this for any credit card transaction.
  • Can my institution obtain a membership? No, CACPR only offers individual memberships. Institutions may pay for your membership however it holds value to one person and not an organization as a whole.
  • My last name or address has changed how do I make this change? Just log onto your CACPR account, the first page that opens reads 'Welcome to the CACPR Membership Centre' directly under it is the option to Renew/Update your membership record. Click Go to make these changes directly.
  • The member rate is not coming up when I try to purchase the webinar or guidelines, what do I do? You may have tried to make a purchase before logging in as a CACPR member. Just go to the log in page and then check your cart. The items you chose will still be there and the new total should be applied.
  • My organization is not represented in the CACPR program directory on the website? This may be caused by an incorrect name or that there are no current members of the organization that are active members of CACPR. Contact [email protected] with specific details about your program.
  • Are you able to email me a copy of my receipt so I can submit it to my employer? Every purchase done online produces an instant receipt which is emailed to you. Please check that the correct email address is listed and that the receipt has not gone into your spam or junk mail.
  • What qualifies me to obtain a CACPR membership? Please visit the membership Categories & Rates page to review the membership categories. Click Here
  • What training do I need to get into Cardiac Rehabilitation? Training depends on the professional discipline (i.e.: Nutrition, Nursing, Exercise Rehabilitation Professional, etc) and can vary in cardiac rehabilitation programs across the country. For more information on training required for your programs in your region, contact a program near you. Click Here


  • I’m unsure if I am still registered, how can I check? Just log into your CACPR account, if the screen pops up telling you that you need to renew then you are not an active member. If you have forgotten your username and password, please DO NOT register as a new member (see below). To check when your membership expires go to; Renew/Update your membership record. Click Go. At the top of this page it will tell you when your membership expires.
  • I forgot my username and password. Please provide me the information so I can renew my membership. Usernames are usually your first initial followed by your last name. We do not know your passwords, so if you forget we will need to reset it. Click the 'forgot password' link or email [email protected] to reset your password.
  • I faxed in my membership and have not heard anything? If you faxed in your renewal, log into your CACPR account, if the screen pops up telling you that you need to renew then your fax has either not yet been processed or received. If you are a new member, you would have received something from us to confirm your membership application. Contact us by email or phone if assistance is required.
  • What is acceptable for verification of student status? A student card, transcript, course receipt or some other documentation that indicates that you are a current active student is acceptable.  
  • I registered several months ago for CACPR Membership but am not sure if it was processed. I have not heard anything at this point. Can you check on this for me? Please retry sending, as you should hear from us within a week or two. When we receive a fax or mailed renewal/sign up, the CACPR head office will email you to confirm your membership was received. We ask that new members email us directly. If renewing however, check your status manually; log into the membership centre, if you are not renewed your screen will open up to the renewal page. If you are renewed, you will be able to gain access to the membership centre. To check your status expiry; >click Renew/Update your CACPR membership record>click GO. If you look under the title you will see membership type and member until Dec. 31 of each calendar year. Be sure to renew before this date!

Web Education

  • When would I expect the login information for the upcoming webinar? 72 hours after payment is provided. If you DO NOT get the information please email [email protected].



  • Can you please tell me what my membership number is?  CACPR does NOT require members to provide a membership number for conference registration, please leave this field blank. We confirm our membership directly by name. Other organizations use membership numbers and so it's a generic form and we are unable to make changes to exclude it.
  • I attended the conference this year but forgot to purchase my CEC's for the AACVPR. Can I still purchase the credit certificate through you on line or by mail? Yes, on the conference page you will have the ability to download the certificate (if AACVPR allows).  Please note that you must first complete the survey prior to downloading the certificate.  If you have any questions contact  [email protected].
  • Is there a discount for the retired membership category for conference registration?   Unfortunately no.


  • I already receive the JCRP, how do I remove myself from the mailing list? Let us know - email [email protected].
  • The last paper copy of the JCRP was sent to my previous mailing address or never arrived? We provide mailing lists to our distributor 3 months prior to the JCRP publications being mailed out. If your mail was forwarded you should get it. You can also access it online. If you have questions, please email [email protected].
  • I’m having trouble accessing the full versions of the JCRP on the web.  Is it possible to have previous issues sent to me electronically? Unfortunately we do not have PDF versions to send out. You can access the JCRP online for FREE if you are a member of CACPR. Click here to log in and access the online JCRP version now.


  • What is the process for getting permission to use CACPR Guidelines and/or other resource for publication or use for development of policies? For Guidelines: © Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation, Canadian Guidelines for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: Translating Knowledge into Action, 3rd Ed. 2009. Formal request should go to [email protected].

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