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Rounded Rectangle: Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation defines cardiac rehabilitation as:


"The enhancement and maintenance of cardiovascular health through individualized programs designed to optimize physical, psychological, social, vocational and emotional status.


This process includes the facilitation and delivery of secondary prevention through heart hazard identification and modification, in an effort to prevent disease progression and recurrence of cardiac events."

Secondary Prevention

The sum total of all interventions, both physiological and behavioural, designed to favourably modify an individual's lifestyle, enhance adherence and reinforce compliance with long-term behaviours compatible with minimizing disease progression. Spring 1998.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program 

The Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation defines a program as being hospital and/or community based or a satellite of either. All programs must have:

  • Appropriate medical assessment
  • A multidisciplinary team of health care professionals, including a physician
  • A core element of exercise
  • The ability to provide and/or access approved exercise testing procedures¬†
  • Client and family education
  • Structured heart hazard identification and behaviour modification

Programs are encouraged to have a research component. October 1999.

The CACR does not accredit nor endorse cardiac rehabilitation programs.

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